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Erin Sachse is a jewelry designer hailing from the beaches of Los Angeles. Erin's passion for jewelry design began at a young age, when the aesthetics of the ocean's kiss on the Southern California coastline sparked her design inspiration. By the time Erin began her studies at Boston University, she had already designed and launched her first collection provoked by her artistic ability and fascination with the beauty and healing properties of natural gemstones.  Now transitioning to fine jewelry, Erin's goal is to create effortless pieces that will transcend generations. Each Eriness piece is composed of 14K gold, and many adorned with handpicked diamonds. Like a Cinderella story, the perfect Eriness is a transformative experience elevating a woman to feel sexy, exquisite and feminine. The perfect piece resonates flawlessly with the personality of its owner. Then, the versatile wear of an Eriness becomes part of your lifestyle – transitioning you from day to night and even add a dash of glamour in the twilight hours. Revel in your Eriness.

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