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Diamond Drops - Millo Jewelry
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Diamond Drops



A hydrating serum with a lightweight texture that shields your skin from environmental aggressors.

Recharge your skin's natural glow with Diamond Drops from Natura Bisse. Made with an exclusive marine DNA concentrate, this face serum penetrates the skin to rebuild its natural DNA, while greatly reducing dryness, dehydration and the visible signs of aging.

Key Ingredients:

  • Artemia Salina Extract: creates the energy necessary to stimulate cellular metabolism.
  • CHP-4 Complex: with botanical origins, has an extraordinary ability to retain water.
  • Triple-helix Marine DNA Concentrate: stops free radicals, fighting their harmful effects and restructuring skin cells.
  • Beta-glucans: activate your skin's defense system.


Tip: For perfect makeup that lasts hours, you can apply this formula to your regular cream, before putting on your base makeup. Mixing a few drops with your base makeup guarantees an even, luminous result. In very cold and dry climates, it acts as a protective shield against the damage any harmful aggressors can inflict.

Diamond Drops