DIPTYQUE Limited Edition Candle Set


Limited-edition set of 3 small candles with summery scents. Lavender Leaf, Lemongrass, and Lemon Verbena are brought together in a set illustrated by the artist Matthieu Cossé. An invitation to soak up the emblematic scents of the Mediterranean coast in the summertime.


Feuille de Lavande: Surrounded by fields, the mineral scent of the earth lends spice to the lively, rustic notes of the delicate little blue flowers.
Citronelle: Its delicate fragrance reveals unexpected facets, at once floral, citrusy and almost spicy.
Verveine: The scent of freshly picked whole lemon verbena leaves, crumpled in the palm of one’s hand. The fragrance escapes, soft yet lively with a delicate lemony zest.

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