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HYACINTH MX - Millo Jewelry
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Hyacinth, a Spartan prince, was a lover to Apollo. Like this Grecian hero, the Hyacinth MX ring brushes against divinity with the glow of its luminous, fine metal construction. Featuring four bands of varying gauges in .925 sterling silver and pure 18k yellow and rose gold, the Hyacinth MX is linked by three tactile sterling silver connectors. A unisex style, the Hyacinth MX can be worn across several fingers or stacked as a structural whole. Individually made to order in Los Angeles. 

The Hyacinth MX ring is composed of 4 linked bands in 18k rose gold, 18k yellow gold and .925 sterling silver with sterling silver connectors. 

  • Bands: .925 sterling silver, 18k rose gold, 18k yellow gold
    • 1.7mm gauge 18k rose gold band 
    • 2.7mm gauge .925 sterling silver 1/2 round band 
    • 1.7mm gauge 18k yellow gold band 
    • 2.8mm gauge .925 sterling silver band
  • Connectors: .925 sterling silver 
  • Created in 2019