Iphone XS Max Flex Case

Vianel New York

Calfskin Camo
Calfskin Iridescent
Lizard Navy
Lizard Black
Ostrich Black
Ostrich Navy
Ostrich Hot Pink
Ostrich Wine
Ostrich Red
Ostrich Grey
Ostrich Cobalt
Ostrich Cypress
Calfskin Dark Glacier
Calfskin Acid
Calfskin Blush
Calfskin Orchid
Calfskin Military Green
Snake Black With Gold
Snake Black With Green
Snake Purple With Blue
Snake Cream With Brown
Snake Fuchsia With Black
Snake Fuchsia with Silver Splash
Snake Black With Grey
Snake Purple With Black
Snake Silver With Blue
Snake Turquoise With Black
Snake Hot Pink
Snake Turquoise
Calfskin Black
Calfskin Red
Calfskin Tan
Lizard Electric Blue
Lizard Forest Green
Lizard Pastel
Lizard Red
Lizard Sky
  • Fits IPhone XS Max case
  • To customize please add color and design in notes or email us at millojewelry.sales@gmail.com

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