Natura Bissé

Multi-purpose dry oil. Hydrates - Nourishes - Tones

Imagine an oil infused with pure oxygen, that quenches your skin’s thirst; its deep need for hydration and invigoration.

This two-phase body oil spray, a compound of water and oil, powerfully hydrates, while leaving a dry finish. What’s more, it nourishes and tones the skin, improves elasticity, while detoxifying and purifying the skin from free radicals. Its cocktail, packed with ingredients like quinoa with a high concentration of micronutrients, Spirulina algae, an intense active antioxidant ingredient, as well as chia oil and artichoke extract, makes this the ultimate body hydrating treatment.

• Deeply nourishes and hydrates without leaving any greasy residue.
• Tones and revitalizes.
• Antioxidant that protects from free radicals.

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