Visionary Lashes 001

Lash Star Beauty


These are the ultimate beginner false lashes. Each 3/4 length lash blends in seamlessly with your natural lashes, mildly elongating the eye. This subtle style is perfect for an everyday lash, and is the most natural choice for your wedding day.

Reusable 20-30 times with appropriate care
Length: 4-10 mm
Volume: Light


These synthetic mink lashes surpass the quality of the real thing. Super-premium silk makes these cruelty free lashes look even more luxurious and natural than authentic mink lashes, with a lighter, softer feel. The Visionary Lash 001 style gives you the luxury lash feel without all of the drama. The exclusive cotton band makes these lashes so comfortable, they are perfect for beginners and even more perfect as bridal lashes.

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