This wireless, gold-rimmed device delivers the benefits of an electrical nano-current facial in the comfort of your own home.

When used regularly with ZIIP Conductive Gel Treatment, this tool can help prevent and reverse signs of aging, decrease on-set acne, smooth the eye area, and promote supple, glowing skin. ZIIP comes pre-programmed with the “Energize” anti-aging electrical cocktail, but other effective treatments are offered through the ZIIP iPhone app.

  • Nano-currents measuring one billionth of one ampere stimulate the skin’s levels of the co -enzyme ATP, which helps promote collagen and elastin.
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and increases circulation.
  • Eradicates acne-causing bacteria on a cellular level.
  • Matches your precise electrical signature with each use for customized treatment.
  • ZIIP device comes with 80ml of Golden Conductive Gel Treatment pump, USB cable and wall charger, one sealable, padded travel bag, a cleaning cloth and user guide.

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