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it all started with a google search


I’ve been asked this question almost every day since 2013 when I started working on what SHHHOWERCAP could be. And, while the development story is a bit long, the answer to the question is simple: I wanted something that didn’t exist. So, I set out to create it. 

Like most women, I wasn’t washing my hair every day. I just wasn’t. It didn’t matter if it was because I was trying to stretch another day out of a blowout or simply that I didn’t have time to wash and style before running to an early morning meeting. I also knew from blogs and magazines that it was healthiest to cut down on shampoos and avoid heat styling as much as possible. Basically, it was just easier and I believe that dry shampoo exists for a reason. 

However, I had a shower cap that I never used because I hated it. It didn’t work well and I felt like it was sacrifice every single time I put it on. So, I chose instead to put my hair in a top knot and dance around the shower hoping that my hair didn’t get wet. As we all know if you’ve tried it — this is a faulty solution. I was tired of the dance. So, I decided to look for a new shower cap. I wanted an upgrade. 


Then SHHHOWERCAP was created.

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