18mm Curved Tassel Bar Ear Climber

Maria Tash

yellow gold
rose gold
white gold
A curved yet structured bar stud with captivating movement. The piece adopts the connected strings of gold tassels, with repeating solid pears and ball trinities, in similar proportions to our iconic Gold Tassel Clickers. Meant for wear exclusively on the Lobe, The Curved Tassel Bar follows along the anatomy of your ear.

This Curved Tassel Bar comes in left and right orientations. When looking at the front of the stud, the longest tassels will be on the left side with the left orientation, and on the right side with the right orientation. Orientations are marked on the back of the stud to be easily identifiable and can be worn in either ear.

This piece is equipped with an ear climber wire for added stability, securing the piece to the Lobe to minimize shifting.

All colors of gold are nickel-free and hypoallergenic.

Item sold singly.

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